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2016-11-18 22:13:43

We are the distributor of GEMPACK within Mainland China region. If you are outside the region, please contact CoPS:

Prices below apply to GEMPACK 11.4, the latest release of GEMPACK, with these improvements over previous releases.

All prices are in US dollars $USD [see conversion rates] and are valid until further notice. Licence conditions are shown here.

See also: 
Sales enquiries and ordering 
Discounts for universities, lower-income economies, and course organizers 
Information for onsellers or distributors


The Executable-Image version of GEMPACK runs only on Windows PCs. No Fortran compiler is required.

The Source-Code version of GEMPACK runs on Windows PCs or on other operating systems (eg, Linux). There are no size constraints, and models solve faster than with the Executable-Image version. A suitableFortran compiler is required. All Source-Code licences are multi-user (site).

See this table comparing different versions of GEMPACK.

RunDynam is a Windows program which greatly facilitates running simulations with recursive dynamic models.

Other choices

Some products are available in a Limited version, which will not solve models above a certain size. There are no size restrictions for Unlimited versions.

Site licences cover all employees at the main premises of an organization (more details here). Single-userlicences are also available for some products.

There are two payment schemes:

  • Under the single payment or permanent licence scheme your licence is valid forever, but technical support lasts 6 months only and you must pay to upgrade to new versions.
  • Some products are also offered under a subscription or annual payment scheme, which gives you all benefits (including continuing technical support and free upgrade to new versions). When we receive your annual payment, we send you a new licence, valid for one year.

$US Prices to government      (see Note 1 below for other users)

Single payment Subscription
Product New 
Upgrade to 
new version
Executable-Image GEMPACK: Limited single-user 710 430 n/a
Executable-Image GEMPACK: Limited site 
(free to universities)
870 520 n/a
Executable-Image GEMPACK: Unlimited site 4120 2470 1420
Source-Code GEMPACK: Unlimited site 7920 4750 2730
RunDynam: Limited Single-User 690 410 n/a
RunDynam: Unlimited site 3090 1850 1070
RunDynam + Source-Code GEMPACK: Unlimited site 10300 6180 3550


1: Purchasers from universities or lower-income countries pay HALF the prices listed above (details here), while commercial consulting companies pay 50% more than the prices listed above. Customers not classified as 'commercial consulting' or 'university' pay the 'government' price.

2: GEMPACK/RunDynam bundle: if purchased together, the price is 6.5% less than if purchased separately -- applies to all 'unlimited' versions of GEMPACK and RunDynam.

3: Additional operating systems: if you want Source-Code licences for two operating systems (for example, Unix and Windows), all payments are increased by 60% to cover the second operating system.

4: Free, time-limited, licences are available to organizers of GEMPACK-based training courses.

5: For Australian customers, prices include GST.

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