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About Us

What is Infinite-Sum?

‘Zero-Sum’ is such a common term in economics and strategy - ‘one’s loss is another’s gain’. While this is largely true, this approach to profession has instilled fear and uncertainty in many a lives. We believe in just the opposite, despite being economists! The sum of skills, talents and experience of our core team members, advisors as well as clients, would keep expanding to the infinity. None of us is going to lose due to another’s success. All of us are going to be upwardly mobile as we grow. In other words, we take upon the interests of our clients and employees as our very own and strive hard to achieve them. We also work diligently to form alliances with several other firms, so as to keep the sum of all our synergies as infinite!

Infinite-Sum Modeling Inc. (ISM) is a leading economic modeling firm providing advice to a wide range of clients including government and non-governmental organizations, and companies. We provide rigorous and tested model-backed advice in the areas of macroeconomic analysis and forecasting, applied economics, infrastructure and climate policy, trade policy, energy policy, environmental policy, labor policy and business & investment strategy.

Our team has extensive experience of developing Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models, econometric models, and financial models to support our clients’ decision making. Together, our core team has a collective experience of over 50 years in these areas. We bring academic rigor, objectivity, and real world industry experience together to address issues in public policy, strategy, and finance.

ISM’s services including:

(a) Economic analysis of trade, emission, energy, natural resources, agriculture, poverty, migration, labor and employment, urbanization, and disaster, etc.

(b) Development of customized Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) economic models, econometric models, financial models for use by public and private clients.

(c) Development of specialized databases to support CGE and econometric studies.

(d) Training courses on CGE modelling.

(e) Economic forecast and thematic investment strategies.

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