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Jingliang Xiao (CoFounder)

Jingliang (Charles) Xiao


Charles Xiao has over a decade’s experience as an economist working on a wide range of projects covering CGE modelling, financial modelling, investment strategy, and macro forecasting. He has highly developed research skills with a particular focus on CGE modelling, having practical experience in both building and teaching global and national CGE models. His research has appeared in academic journals, and been cited by the publications including the Economist, ‘the Globe and Mail’, National Post, and the WSJ. His clients include a broad array of central governments, local governments, international agencies and private sector organizations.

Charles has a Ph.D. in Economics from the Centre of Policy Studies, Monash University, Australia. His Doctoral Thesis: “A Dynamic Financial CGE Model of the Chinese Economy” was developed under the tutelage of Peter Dixon, a leading expert in the field. During this time, Charles acted as a research fellow and assistant lecturer to teach the International Economics and Statistics, and helped to deliver CGE training courses at Monash University. After graduation, he worked in PineBridge Investments, Hong Kong, as an Economist/Investment Analyst, from 2010 to 2012. In 2013, he went to Ciuriak Consulting Inc. as a research associate, delivered CGE training for  Ministry of Trade, Province of British Columbia, Canada, Ministry of Trade and Industry, SingaporeForeign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canada in this period. Now in 2015, Charles started the Infinite-Sum Modeling Inc. as the director and a research economist.

Expertises: Trade, Finance 

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