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Hao Xiao

Hao Xiao


Xiao is an associate professor and a master supervisor in Hunan University, holds PhD degree in applied economics and is also a postdoctoral researcher in management systems engineering. He also holds the vice director of Department of International Trade, School of Economics & Trade, Hunan University, the vice director of the Sino-Australia Centre of Policy Study, and the secretary-general of the Hunan Centre of Agri-Products Price Study. Xiao is also a member of Youth Work Committee, Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economical Mathematics. He has visited (scholar) the Centre of Policy Study (CoPS), VU, Australia and Institute of Developing Economies, Japan, and helped to deliver the CGE training courses for several times in China.

Xiao has a long experience in CGE modeling and its applications in the areas of international trade, energy, and environmental policies. He has already investigated excessive research programs funded by China's NSFC, Ministry of Education, MIIT, NSSFC and provincial institutions, and participated in many researches supported by Ministry of Commerce of China, Sino-AUS management projects,  China's MOST and Department of Commerce of Hunan Province. Besides two books, Xiao has also published over 20 papers in journals, such as The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, The Journal of World Economy, and Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice. He is also awarded with special China Postdoctoral funds, Chinese universities humanities and social sciences research outstanding achievements prize.

Expertises: International trade, quantitative economics, human resource and environmental policies

Full CV: Hao Xiao